CAS HPMC UIMH 9004-65-3

CAS HPMC UIMH 9004-65-3

Tá dhá chineál ag an HPMC CAS NO 9004-65-3 arna tháirgeadh ag Milestone Industrial Co., Ltd: HPMC CAS NÍL 9004-65-3 ar an toirt agus HPMC CAS NÍL 9004-65-3.Product ainm mall-díscaoilte: Ceallalós Meitile Hiodrocsa Próitéin (HPMC) Ainmneacha Eile HypromelloseAppreance Púdar bánCAS UIMH. 9004-65-3EINECS Uimh .: 220-971-6MF: C12H20O10Purity: 99%

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CAS HPMC UIMH 9004-65-3

The CAS HPMC UIMH 9004-65-3 produced by Milestone Industrial Co., Ltd has two types: instant CAS HPMC UIMH 9004-65-3 and slow-dissolving CAS HPMC UIMH 9004-65-3.

Ainm Táirge: Hiodrocsa Próitéin Ceallalóis Meitile (HPMC)

Ainmneacha Eile Hypromellose

Appreance Púdar bán

CAS UIMH. 9004-65-3

EINECS Uimh .: 220-971-6

MF: C12H20O10

Íonachta: 99%

Instant CAS HPMC UIMH 9004-65-3, it quickly disperses in cold water and disappears in the water. At this time, the liquid has no viscosity. About 2 minutes, the viscosity of CAS HPMC UIMH 9004-65-3 liquid becomes larger and becomes transparent. Sticky colloid.

Slow-dissolving CAS HPMC UIMH 9004-65-3:

CAS HPMC UIMH 9004-65-3 can only be used in dry powder products such as putty powder and cement mortar. In liquid glue and paint, it cannot be used, and clumping will occur.

Instant CAS HPMC UIMH 9004-65-3: 

CAS HPMC UIMH 9004-65-3 has a wider application range. It can be used in putty powder and mortar, as well as liquid glue and paint. There are no contraindications, but water retention and stability The performance is not as good as non-instant type products, so we recommend slow-dissolving products in dry powders such as putty powder and mortar